Friday, 30 May 2014

Feeling shady

Hello lovelies

Now in some places of the world it is most likely the sun is shining bright and the cocktails are flowing however i am stuck in rainy England and we are not so lucky- *daydreams of the day i will be living in a hot country where tanned gods walk around topless*- but has that stopped me hunting for the perfect pair of sunglasses, oh no! 

Whenever it gets to that time of year of barbecues and beach days i almost feel giddy at the thought of finding a pair of shades as there's something almost exciting about the task and after trying multiple pairs on (and maybe taking a few selfies for instagram with them on) i finally found these beauties. 

Usually i stick to a classic pair of aviators as its just like a LBD, you know you can't go wrong with them however there's something classy yet stylish about these and i love the round cat eye shape of them. I think these paired with a messy topknot bun and high waisted shorts will be my go to look for summer '14!

Kendal x

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A fresh start

Hello, remember me? 

No i have not fell off the face of the Earth unfortunately i have just been absent for the past few months due to sucky things like exams and work (boohoo) therefore haven't exactly been the most consistent with blogging *cowers in corner with shame*, however i have decided to have a fresh start. That's right, i have deleted all them old cringey posts from when i first started blogging and decided to start all over. This blog may be empty for now but you just wait, soon it will be full of OOTD's, beauty reviews and anything else that you are just dying to read so watch this space! 

Kendal x