Friday, 2 January 2015

NYE Make Up

Hey guys, I'm back with a tutorial on my nye's make up which is quick and easy and hopefully the pics will help! 

So I started with my plain face which looks a little like this... 

And finished with this...

1. After coming out of the shower with a squeaky clean face I apply my favourite primer; the collection primed and ready primer and it's my favourite as it's cheap and quick. 

2. Next I take a real techniques buffing brush and apply my foundation which is the new foundation from max factor. Usually I'm always the lightest shade in a collection but the shade I'm using (70 neutral) is actually the fourth darkest, so if you have very fair skin then this foundation would be great for you! 

3. Now I'm going to apply the soap and glory kick ass concealer on all my blemishes, dark circles and blotchy parts. I'm using my fingers as I find this concealer to be hard to blend and my fingers heat it up and make it easier to apply. I love this concealer as it comes with two shades; one brightening and one dull.

4. After that it's time to make all this stay and for that I'm just going to use my real techniques powder brush and the Rimmel stay matte powder which is uber cheap and apply it all over my face concentrating on the oily parts. 

5. To finish my face I'm going to do a teeny bit of contouring by using my real techniques contour brush and running the bourjois bronzer under my cheek bones (the shade I'm using is 52). I'm also going to add some blush in the shade icing sugar- which is from my sleek pink lemonade palette- with the same brush on the apples of my cheeks.

6. Next it's time for my eyebrows which are probably the most important thing as they frame your face. I've just purchased the sleek eyebrow kit which I'll post a review of soon, so I'm going to use that. It comes with two brushes, a mini pair of tweezers, a wax and a powder. 

I just apply this in short strokes following the general shape of my eyebrows.

7. Moving on and it's time for eye make up and for this I'm using the benefits 'they're real' combo. 

First I curled my lashes and then applied a small amount of eyeliner on the outer edges of my lash lines to make my eyes seem wider. Finally to finish my eye make up I coated my eyelashes in mascara. 

8. Pulling this look together I'm applying a bit of lipstick and the one I've gone for is Diva by Mac but if you don't want something so dark a good alternative is plumful by Mac. To accentuate the curve of my lips I've also used another mac product and that is a lip liner in the shade currant. 

And that is the look finished! 

Love, Kendal x