Friday, 5 September 2014

school advice

Hello lovelies,

it's once again that time of year where exams and homework are creeping up on us all and no matter how much work you do the pile of work on your side just seems to dauntingly grow taller and taller. All over social networking sites I see people panicking over midterm tests and applying to colleges and I for one am the exact same. To sit here and tell you that the anxiety you are feeling at the moment is pointless is a statement I partly agree in yet makes me majorly hypocritical however I've come to realise in the past few weeks are things that I think will help:

1. If you're stuck on something then ask because nine times out of ten a teacher will be more than happy to help and after you've gotten over the panic of putting your hand up and asking you'll realise it's worth it.

2. Sometimes illness isn't just physical and your mental health should always come before work so if you're not well take the correct amount of time you need off. 

3. You can't be good at everything and no matter how much you panic or stress out about a subject it won't make a difference so rather than worrying about it use the time that subject would normally take up to do something more worthwhile like revision for another subject.

3. Grades aren't everything!!! Sometimes extra curricular activities and volunteering are just as important, remember this.

4. Every new day is a chance to be brand new so if there's something you don't like or think you can change for the better than this is the right time. That class that keeps you up all night with worry? Drop. That teacher who thinks you can't do well? Show them you can.

5. It is more likely that people are so tired they aren't bothered with what you look like so that small pimple on chin that's making you want to dive into a hole will probably go unnoticed.

6. It's normal to panic about your future but if you don't take care of yourself properly you won't have a very good one no matter your grades or what school you get into so sleep well, eat well and exercise.

7. Who you are now isn't who you're going to be in ten or even five years time, sometimes we have to make mistakes and learn things so if you fail a test learn not to do it again and if you say the wrong thing, apologise and move on. Humans are meant to grow just like flowers (▰˘◡˘▰)

8. Realise how far you've come already. Be proud of yourself for the simplest things you've done today even if it is just turning up. You're doing okay.

9. Be nice to everyone; teachers and students because it will not only pay off but make you feel like the good person you are.

10. 95% of the people you're with right now won't be there for much longer so appreciate the good ones and forget the bad ones. When you're sat counting your fortunes that guy that called you weird won't matter.

11. And finally appreciate the journey as well as looking forward to the destination!! 

Kendal x

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