Tuesday, 28 October 2014

DIY: Halloween

Hello lovelies,

Now hands up if like me every year you promise yourself this year Halloween will be different. You'll be that person that turns everyone's head with their amazing costume that looks like something that's been stolen off the set of the walking dead, yet you eventually end up being disorganised and deciding drawing a pair of whiskers with your eyeliner pencil will do. Well luckily for you I'm here to come to your rescue with a quick Halloween costume DIY!


All you'll need for this look is....
  • A tube of fake blood (you can usually find some in the Halloween isle at tesco so don't worry!)
  • A sharp knife
  • A sharp pair of scissors 
  • A white shirt
  • An old towel 
Firstly lay down your old towel wherever you're working- unless you want your house to look like a scene from Carrie- and place your white shirt on top. Next take your knife and rip lines of three into your top to make them appear as claw marks and be as messy as you want with this. After that take your scissors and randomly cut wherever you feel fitting as the key to this look isn't neatness but authenticity. Finally it's the fun part! Smoother your hands in fake blood as demonstrated above by me, and put hand prints/ smear marks all over your top and done!

Your top should look something like this and paired with some spooky improvised Halloween will look great!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and comment below with what you'll be doing this Halloween!

Kendal x

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