Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Hello lovelies,

Autumn can mean multiple things to a person: leaves, bonfires, Halloween, the list could go on and on but for make up junkies like me it's all about the glorious plum lipsticks that will now line every beauty counter in every drug store shop in every shopping centre. Over the years I've accumulated many- my personal favourite still being plumful by Mac!- however with a £20 Topshop voucher in my hand the urge to try another was burning my inner girl like the extra hot peri peri sauce at nandos. After swatching over twenty lipsticks (go big or go home I say) I settled on the little beauty that is Twin. Now it does appear to be jet black and trust me, I've already gone through the turning of age emo phase so I was put off at first, but after swatching I snapped it up and ran to the counter.

It's the perfect shade of plum; it can be paired with a simple winged eyeliner (which I'll be doing a tutorial on soon so watch this space!), a grunge brown eyeshadow effect or when blotted can just look like a simple tinted balm. Its texture is similar to a creme sheen which I find perfect in the winter as I wouldn't wish dry chapped lips on my worst enemy and lasts for around 4 hours no matter how much running around you're doing.

Without a liner it is a messy product to apply (and nobody wants the Miranda Sings look) so I would recommend using a brush- my personal favourite to use is the real techniques detail brush as it's just the right size and doesn't shed its bristles during application- however if you've got time and patience you probably won't need one.

Overall I rate this product 4/5 but be sure to comment below if you've tried it your opinions or your favourite plum lipsticks at the moment.

Until next time,

Kendal x 

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