Monday, 29 December 2014

2014 in photos

Hello lovelies,

wow this year has been a big one. I've learnt so many lessons from how to apply winged eyeliner to slightly more deeper things but I think it's time to reflect on everything in a cheesy photo diary, let's go!


I lost my Mac virginity and tried to be a hipster on Instagram


Nothing eventful happened this month besides me taking a bunch of funny selfies with children 


I saw my favourite band live and had the best night of my life, no biggie


The sun started shining and I visited Alton Towers


I went to see McBusted, transformed my friend into Miranda Sings, cheered Derby on at Wembly  and went through a stage of only wearing red lipstick. 


The red lipstick stage fizzed out and I reintroduced my peace sign pose


It was my cousin's wedding and I got to wear a pretty dress and curl my hair and wear fake eyelashes and ah, I miss it


It was summer so I gained a load of weight and slept in a few gardens 


I saw the 1975, held a tarantula and met very tiny kittens


I took a selfie with Dylan O'Brien, saw Ed Sheeran, visited London and celebrated my favourite holiday


I drank a hella lot of chocolate milk


I visited London once again for pride park's winter wonderland which was aaaaa-mazing, celebrated Christmas with my wonderful family and realised the valuable life lesson that sometimes you've just got to do your own thing.


Despite all the ups and downs, the tears and the exams I truly believe as a person I've bettered myself and this year has to of been my best one yet. I've made some unforgettable memories and i'm sure 2015 will bring me loads more.

Kendal x

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