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The Chocolate Book Tag

Hello lovelies,

Recently I have rediscovered my love for reading and gone a bit mad with buying new books. My friend Lizzie, over on her blog At Home In The Clouds, took part in a tag called 'The Chocolate Book Tag' and I thought it was a cute little tag that I should do today.

1. Dark Chocolate- a book that covers a dark topic

The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting by Holly Bourne 

This book follows a sixteen year old girl called Bree, who after receiving another rejection letter from a publisher regarding her second book, decides to become 'interesting' in order to find inspiration and writing material for her third book. Bree blogs her adventure along the way and reveals what it's like becoming pretty and popular, being friends with the school's 'it' gang and having an affair with a teacher. The book sounds light hearted, right? A nice growing of age story. Ha no. While Bree blogs of her new life she also deals with self harm, revenge porn and lots of other dark topics that troubles teens today. The book overall captures teenage years perfectly and encourages the mantra that popularity isn't everything.


2. White Chocolate- your favourite light hearted book

Dash & Lily's Book Of Dares

This has to be one of the cutest books I have ever read and my favourite genre is chick lit. Lily is a quirky teenage girl who leaves a little red notebook in her favourite book store in New York, which is found by Dash. Dash is a sarcastic and critical teenage boy, who after finding Lily's book, decides to complete all the dares and also set her a few; this leads to Dash and Lily running around New York in the build up to Christmas completing challenges and spilling out their feelings via the little red notebook. What's more light hearted than dares and teenage love, ey?


3. Milk Chocolate- a book with a lot of hype that you're dying to read

Anna and The French Kiss
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

4. Wafer Free KitKat- a book that has surprised you recently


I heard so much hype regarding this book and guilty on my part, didn't even check the blurb, but i was majorly disappointed with this book. The storyline was too complex especially in contrast to the child like language that was used and i just felt the characters lacked depth and emotion.


5. Snickers- a book you're going nuts about

The Catastrophic History of You and Me

After sixteen year old Brie (another sixteen year old named Brie? Yeah, I know right) dies with a broken heart when her boyfriend breaks up with her, she's dumped into the after life where she meets patrick, a sweet yet daring boy who died in the 80's and is the resident's 'lost soul'. He helps her go through the five stages of grief which involves a lot of tears, pranks and fall outs but Bree realises sometimes everything's not as it seems. I definitely did not expect the ending of this book and it is just the perfect teenage chick lit book.



6.  Hot Chocolate With Cream and Marshmallows- a comfort read

Christmas With Billy and Me

I absolutely adored the original book and I love Giovanna Fletcher's chatty tone so with the spin off being so condensed and short (in a positive way), I feel it's a simple read and nice to return to old characters that I love. Also if i'm cuddling up with a hot chocolate it will be nice to read something christmassy.


7. Chocolate With A Caramel Centre- a book that makes you feel all gooey in the middle

Love, Rosie

Although I found this book very frustrating and I was impatient throughout, I can't deny that not only did I love the humorous way Rosie was wrote and the letter style, it was overall just a book that made you are 'awwww'. By following Rosie and Alex from the age of nine to seventy-something, you felt connected to the characters and they almost felt like your two friends who everybody could see were made for each other but the two of them would never admit to it. It was long (512 pages, you 'avin a laf?) for what it was and at some points it did feel dragged out but by the end of the book you could see that all these dragged out moments just added to the details of each character and showed that there was nothing special about them and that, my friends, is what made this love story worth while. Alex wasn't a man of great words who also looked like an A&F model and was a hero through out; he was stubborn and missed his moments. Rosie wasn't a woman that made the right life choices while looking slim and toned with perfect hair and make up; she struggled with parent hood and making ends meet but all of that made their love story that bit more gruelling and meaningful.


So that is my chocolate book tag, I hope I didn't waffle too much. If you have any book suggestions i'd love for you to leave them below!

Until next time,

Kendal x

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